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Joint Education or JointEDU Platform is demanding to create a center of education from every part of the world to support education for anyone at any level. We want to eliminate limitation and boundary in education and encourage everybody to share their knowledge and skills through our future online learning system. Student from every country around the world can access to our system. We will use Blockchain technologies to enhance JointEDU Platform.

White paper :   


Learn Anywhere and Anytime!

With our video conferencing system.


Built your own schedule.

Manage your schedule. You can study fully. Do not worry about the lack of opportunities.


Blockchain Security System

We bring in Blockchain technology to enhance security of the transaction.


Joint Education system

Joint Education or JointEDU Platform is based in Thailand which is education system focusing on Home School and SAT lessons. Joint Education is the center of teachers and learners. Which has have opened for 3 years (We has been in the education industry for more than 5 years), with many positive feedback from our clients. We help reducing tuition fee. We are focusing on International program courses with experienced teachers, we got positive results and responds form our clients. We provided costumers with convenient and quality. We also have alliance universities.

** Our Accomplishments  and Teaching Team of JointEdU Platform is
at www.jointedu.net **

What's Next

Our next goal is to develop our own Video call teaching platform. We want to make the connection as simple, fast and strong as possible. We also developing on IOS and Android based application for quick and easy access to our teaching products. We aim to use technology to improve many features like study schedule for student, qualification of the teacher and virtual exam simulator for specific type of tests. Blockchain technology will be used in transaction for safety and elimination of transaction limitations.



FlowExchange JointEDU

Functions of Joint Education System

  • Self Study / Class Study
  • Online Study
  • Video Conference Study
  • Article / Feature / Monograph
  • Certificate services
  • Class promotion services for tutor around the world
  • Ads services
  • Educational social network


Design Concept

December 2017

Technology preparation

January 2018

Pre-sale token

March 1, 2018 to April 15, 2018

Crowdsale token

April 16, 2018 to May 31, 2018 or until sold out

Bringing JOI Token to exchange board

May 2018

Developing Local system

June 2018

Developing Local system into Global system.

October 2018

Run JOINTEDU Platform

March 2019


Name                       JointEDU

Symbol                     JOI

Total supply              270,000,000 JOI

Decimals : 18

Total sale : 189,000,000 Tokens(Reserved 81,000,000 Tokens)

Pre-Sale : 50,000,000 Tokens (Aproximated, March 1st, 2018- April 15th, 2018)

Crowdsale: 139,000,000 Tokens(April 16th, 2018 – May 31th, 2018 or until sold out)

Based on ERC20 Standard

  • Reserved
  • Pre-sale
  • Crowdsale


We have dedicated staffs with many years of experience in each field to create JointEDU Platform

Benefits from the use of blockchain technology.

Electronic safety system It connects to many parts of the network that are reliable and reliable. It also facilitates the transfer of assets. And asset-related information.


Direct transaction between individuals or groups can be done without middle man.


Capabilities to track all of your operations.


Every transaction security is monitored within the network. It is used complex cryptography and has been verified independently.


Every transaction is recorded.


Designers and asset manufacturers can tailor their asset life cycle management models. To be more appropriate and effective.

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