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Pre-sale end within

2018/04/15 23:00:00


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Reviewing one’s passport is a way to verify their identity, as part of our KYC process. We reqire both the number and photo of the passport to confirm the ownership of the document.

How to add our token to your wallet
1. Open your Ethereum wallet
(not the address from exchange)
2. In add token menu please add our contract address
3. set decimals = 18
4. symbol = JOI


  1. Buy our token today, there is no limitation of minimum payment, Get 20% Bonus ( = 12000 JOI/ETH)
  2. Buy 1-3 ETH for 15000 JOI/ ETH
  3. Buy more than 3 ETH but less than 5 ETH
    for 15500 JOI/ETH
  4. Buy more than 5 ETH for 16000 JOI/ETH

Crowd sale —> 10000 JOI/ETH
OPEN on Apr 16,2018

About referral id

We would like to announce the special campaign #5 which is.

  1. Go to
  2. Tell your friend or post in any forum to register at our websites.
  3. During registration, at Referral id field, tell them to type your username (whoever fills this field he/she will get more 10% of token at the first time of purchase, Referrer will receive 5% of JOI Token based on number of JOI Token purchased.)
  4. JOI Token will be awarded to those who collects referrals as the following:
  • 1000 JOI for 5-14 referrals
  • 3000 JOI for 15-24 referrals
  • 5000 JOI for 25-34 referrals
  • 7000 JOI for 35-50 referrals
  • 9000 JOI for more than 50 referrals
  1. You can check amount of your referrals inside our website onApril 1, 2018onward.


  • For any new username will be check KYC for verification. So please tell them to attach the picture of passport or national id during registration also.
  • This campaign will be expired on Apr 15, 2018 ( 1:00 pm, Bangkok Time).
  • JOI Token will be awarded to the participants who qualified our target on Apr 16, 2018 onward.
  • Click here for check your refferals
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